Matt Hoover
If You Think You Can or Think You Can't, Either Way You're Right

After last week, I feel a little bad to report that life isn't a big bowl of cherries here at The Biggest Loser Resort today.  It was a rough day and it all started with a genuine compliment from someone.

What are you talking about Matt?  How can a compliment mess up your day?  Let me explain.  Last night I didn't sleep well.  I can tell I am losing weight and my body has changed a lot in the past week.  I was actually worried that someone might say something today and someone did.

The reason I struggled with this is because for some reason when people tell me I am looking good or that they can tell I am losing weight, I almost always take a day off and go eat.  The day turns into two and often turns into a week until I am back where I Started.

I don't know why, but it seems like a positive comment from someone gives me permission to slack off.  Rather than going out and feeding my face, I stopped into the office of one of the staff here at Fitness Ridge.  As I told her what happened and how I reacted, I realized how out of line my thinking was.  Rather than appreciating the fact that someone was recognizing my hard work, I was trying to make it harder on myself.

I set a goal for the day to stick to the nutrition plan and finish all my workouts.  I did that.  Now at the end of the day, I sit here and realize that if I am going to have long term and lasting results, I have got to change the way I see myself and more importantly the way I talk to myself.

Unless I am willing to accept praise and appreciate the work I am doing today I am always going to go right back to where I started.  Things, especially weight loss, don't have to always be hard.  I have been making it hard on myself by feeling like I have to be in constant struggle in order to being doing a good job.

These thoughts have led me to struggle in other areas that I don't need to struggle in as well.  Today I finally recognized them and on top of that, I verbalized them.  I made it through the day and feel that I will pick up where I left off last week tomorrow.

The focus this week.  Change the way I talk to myself.  I am worth it and don't have to make things difficult on myself in order to acheive success.  As one of the trainers said today, "Don't let the only person standing in the way of your success be YOU!"  Great advice at a great time.
Success isn't a bad thing.  Let's focus on the positives and learn that things don't always have to difficult in order to get positive results!
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